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Essentially Pop article

The brilliant music blog Essentially Pop has featured the Skynem GT Remix of "Save You" today.

Music critic Emma Mages' said: "The pair have worked with each other several times in the past, and each time they out do themselves…

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LGBTQ Music Chart Top 2

“Save You” has climbed a further two places to reach a new peak of #2 on the LGBTQ Music Chart after being named the ‘Hit Warning of the Week’ previously.

You can place your vote for the track by visiting…

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Hit Warning of the Week

“Save You” has been named the ‘Hit Warning of the Week’ on the LGBTQ Music Chart!

The track has climbed 12 places to reach #4 in its second week, becoming Robert's sixth Top 5 placing on this chart 

You can…

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Watch Robert on The Q Review Out Loud

Robert was a guest earlier this week on The Q Review's Out Loud programme.

He chatted with host Kenney Fitzpatrick about his new single "Save You', nostalgia, his release strategy, and much more.

Check out the interview in full via…

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Rua Media article

One of Ireland's best music blogs, Rua Media, has shows its support for "Save You", calling it an "infectious musical work". 

They said: "Save You is the perfect summer earworm song to get you feeling energized and ready for summer…

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Culture Fix article

Self-proclaimed "Pop Music Junkies" Culture Fix have put the spotlight on Robert's new single "Save You".

They said of the track: "Fast seems like the optimum word here – the track is a pulse-pounding club gem that feels plucked straight…

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Indie Buddie review

"Save You exudes an instant charm as Robert blends crisp production with catchy grooves to create an exciting dance floor filler".

Indie Buddie has given "Save You" a rave review, read it in full.

RGM Review

"Robert has continued his Pet Shop Boys remix-esque sound, he has taken a slightly faster approach to this new tune".

RGM's Harvey O'Toole has given his conclusion on "Save You", read the review in full.

RGM interview

Robert gave an interview to RGM over the weekend, talking to the publication about making his new EP 'Transcendence' long-distance, his new Tik Tok mini-series 'Just The Tip', and the process of recording music videos during a lockdown.

Read the…

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We Write About Music review

“Too Late” is an absolute banger that deserves to be played loud and proud”. 

We Write About Music anticipate the Deluxe Edition of ‘Transcendence’ and give the low-down on my new single, read it in full.

YMX review

“Skynem GT is Robert’s golden collaboration, the pair being a match made in heaven”. 

“Too Late” is one of Your Music Experience's Friday’s New Picks, with the the site calling the track an “EDM-infused jewel”. Read the review in…

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RGM review

“It’s almost as if Robert went back in time, found an old George Michael demo, then came back and gave it a modern 2010s remix”.

The first review for “Too Late” has landed! Check out what Harvey O’Toole for RGM…

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Indie Buddie review

"Oozing rich, pop sensibilities and sun kissed, laid-back soundscapes, O'Connor has crafted a wonderfully lush EP to indulge in".

Indie Buddie have digested 'Transcendence' and given it a rave review! Read it in full on their website.

We Write About Music review

"Filled with unique soundscapes, head bobbing beats, and so much more...take our word for it, it’s absolutely worth taking the 20 minutes out of your day to listen".

We Write About Music have delivered their verdict of 'Transcendence', read it…

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RGM review

“This isn’t an EP. This is an experience. Sit down with your headphones in, turn off your lights, and just listen. Very beautiful, very well produced - this is a pop masterpiece”.

Read RGM's review of 'Transcendence' in full on…

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The Music Reviewer review

"With bop after bop Robert has created an EP full of tropical bangers that will remind you of those warm summer months. These songs remind us of the festivals and parties we should have had during summer 2020".

Read The…

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That Blogger Music review

"Transcendence has everything we have come to expect from Robert, catchy lyrics, upbeat vibe and brilliant vocals. 10/10" 

Read That Blogger Music's review of 'Transcendence' in full on their website.

Bring Me The Music review

"Robert O'Connor delivers a convincing single that sounds epic and his music seems like it will end up on some big playlists if he keeps showing his potential. There seems like this song is if the indie outfit Bears Den…

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Your Music Experience review

"Destination Anywhere is essentially an emotional pop track, easily relatable and directed to a large number of people; It somehow floats between 70’s funk guitars riffing, and 80’s inspired synth arpeggios, always carrying a 4-to-the-floor attitude, which makes the track…

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About The Noise review

"Robert O’Connor has a way of releasing music that focusses on real life situations that people go through. We’re not talking about love and heartbreak, but situations that rarely gets talked about in the music industry. “Destination Anywhere” is no…

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Culture Fix review

"We had a sneak preview of the ;Transcendence' EP and were bowled over from the stunning cinematic introduction, flowing into the contemplative Destination Anywhere, a twinkling escapist anthem that pays homage to classic electronic-pop".

Culture Fix has given 'Transcendence' a…

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DeMars Magazine review

"This new direction for Robert has given him a new dimension in the modern world of Pop. With his own tastes linked to 80s Pop along with his genuine lyrics, we find a unique twist on the modern genre of…

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