single | Older '20

Photo & Design: David Duggan

Photo & Design: David Duggan

Release date: February 21, 2020 
Format: Digital download  
Label: Distrokid 
Written by: Robert O'Connor, Ian Flynn & Thom McDonnell 
Produced & mastered by: Skynem GT 


This town is too small for both of us 
Lately I can't walk around 
I find your face here, there and everywhere 
I guess it wouldn't matter if I didn't still care 
Well this bar isn't big enough for you and me 
Cause everytime I see you I see the memories 
And that'd be just fine... 

But since you been gone 
I can't seem to start over 
My friends tell me it's been too long 
And I know I'm getting older 
But what's the point in movin' on 
When all I want is to 
Run right back to you 

This life is too short for both of us 
To run round with people  
Who don't mean what I meant to you 
And they could never mean 
What you meant to me 
Well this day is too long  
When I don't have you 
To see when I come home 
When my work is through 
And the night never ends 
When every night that I spend 
Is alone, even when I'm with someone 
You know this... 

You know we're gonna end up together 
I wanna say for worse or for better with you 
Don't you wanna say I do 
Well I guess all I'm tryin' to say 
I guess all I'm tryin' to say 
I guess all I'm tryin' to say 

Repeat chorus