single | Over

Photo: David Doyle / Design: Matt Ralph

Photo: David Doyle / Design: Matt Ralph

Release date: January 10, 2012 
Format: Digital download 
Written by: Robert O'Connor, Ian Flynn, Thom McDonnell & Eoin O'Connor
Produced by: NDT Productions
Mastered by: Fergal Davis 
Recorded at: Camden Recording Studios, Dublin, Ireland. 

Track list: 
1. Over
2. Over (030 Remix)

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You walked into my life
On the fifth of December
It was cold and dark outside
I seem to remember
I was fine, pre-occupied
I guess I wasn't looking
But then you stared into my eyes
And nothin's been the same again

Oh I can't believe it's over
Before it's begun
And I can't believe I lost you
Before you'd been won
You tell me I'm a catch
But I'm just not your match
Now I'm cryin' in my coffee cup
I wish that I could be enough for you

We talked and talked for hours
I seem to recall
I missed the train, walked in the rain
But it didn't matter
I was sold on you
On the very first view
If you'd been on auction
I'd bid out of reach for you

Repeat chorus

What is it that you need in somebody
What can I do to impress you
What if I changed my name 
And died my hair
Could you fall in love with me
With my new identity
Cause I can't surrender 
Just because you said it's over

Repeat chorus