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  1. No Second Chances

Release date: August 17, 2018
Format: Digital download
Label: Amuse
Written by: Robert O'Connor, Stuart Gray & Steve Hogan
Produced by: Stuart Gray with Steve Hogan
Mastered by: Billy Farrell
Recorded at: Jealoustown Studios, Meath, Ireland.


I’ve got one foot in the bedroom
I got one foot in the hall
You said that things had changed with us
But nothin’s changed at all
I got my heart in the palm of your hand
But my mind’s already gone
Down the elevator
Won’t be comin’ back no more

Now I know it’s done
And I know we’re through
But I don’t think that I
Can not know you
It’s just too hard to be apart
And I know you said no second chances
But it’s just too find romance
When your heart is holding on to hope
When your heart is holding on to hope

I sit at home alone at night
I close the blinds, I dim the lights
I listen to my favourite songs
And wonder how did we go so far wrong
If there’s a chance we could start again
If there’s a chance we could still be friends
Can we go back and begin again
Cause I don’t think it’s the end

Repeat chorus

Well I hope tonight you change your mind
I hope tonight you realise that
I’m the only one that works
Without you here it hurts too much

Repeat chorus