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Sinusoidal Music interview & review

Robert gave an in-depth interview to Sinusoidal Music, speaking about the songwriting and production process with Gareth Shortland, as well as his next plans.

“I’ve started writing for the next record, and it’s more daunting than ever now that I…

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Indie Music Flix review

Indie Music Flix is a music blog where the reviews are presented in a unique way!

Robert's new single “Separate Ways” has been portrayed as a movie, with the artwork appearing as the poster, and the description is Indie Music…

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LGBTQ Music Chart - vote now!

Five new songs will challenge the 50 songs on the LGBTQ Music Chart this week, and “Separate Ways” is one of them. 

Voting starts today and the full chart will be revealed on the LGBTQ Music Chart radio show on…

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Os Garotos de Liverpool review

“Separate Ways” features on another Brazillian website today, the well-established Os Garotos de Liverpool.

The track features in the publication’s feature, ‘20 new singles we know about the last Friday of January’, which you can read in Portuguese or English…

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Music For All review

The latest review for “Separate Ways” comes from Brazilian website Music For All. 

Amanda Costa writes: “A true sensory feast, with lights and emotions on all sides, perfect for the dance floor, as it floods the mind with its contagious…

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Find No Enemy review

Another review has surfaced for “Separate Ways”.

Music blog Find No Enemy gave its verdict on the track, praising Gareth Shortland's production. 

“The production on the track is masterful, with a subtle yet powerful mix of a plethora of electronic…

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Sistra review

Egypt's Sistra is first to publish its review of Robert's new single "Separate Ways", and it's a radiant one!

"A dance-pop anthem that goes immediately from speaker to heart, like a hot knife in butter, from a talented songwriter whose…

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Phoenix FM Interview

Robert gave his first interview of 2023 to his local radio station 92.5 Phoenix FM.

He spoke about his brand new single "Separate Ways", the success of 'Severance', plus the big question of if he'd ever submit a song for…

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Retro Pop article

Robert's new single "Separate Ways" features today on the iconic Retro Pop website.

“Where there was hope, now there’s despair", Robert said of the track, telling the magazine that it's the "flipside" to previous single "Save You", which was fan's…

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TJPL News Backstage Pass interview

Robert kicks-off the week with another interview with TJPL News in their 'Backstage Pass' feature, where he speaks about the creation of his new EP 'Severance' from the initial idea to release day.

“If you want a cohesive record that…

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Talk About Pop Music article

'Severance' is featured today on the wonderful Talk About Pop Music blog.

"It is notable that as his confidence as a songwriter and a performer becomes more solid, he himself and his own sound matures to become very much his…

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RGM interview & review

Robert spoke with RGM magazine about he and his producer Gareth Shortland created 'Severance' long-distance, without ever being in the same room!

Read the interview in full on RGM, and read the publication's excellent review of 'Severance'.

Illustrate Magazine interview

US publication Illustrate says it "interrogates and celebrates", and they didn't lie! 

Robert spoke with the magazine about his musical beginnings, finding fulfilment as an artist, and why he keeps his politics to himself.

“I’ve never been a social warrior…

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Iggy Magazine review

Iggy Magazine has become the first French publication to review "One Way Ticket".

"This charismatic singer-songwriter imposes himself with a familiar pop dance style, a club trip lulled by Eurovision atmosphere".

Read the review in full.

Honk magazine interview

Robert's first interview of the 'Severance' era is with Honk magazine, speaking to Linda Carter about starting again from zero as an independent artist, his creative process, and the best advice he ever received.

“I’ve got to a point where…

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Find No Enemy review

“One Way Ticket” is winning over critics left and right, with another review surfacing today on the front page of the excellent music blog Find No Enemy.

"Furiously upbeat and radiantly optimistic, Robert O’Connor’s delightful electronic pop anthem ‘One Way…

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TJPL review & Who's Ya Favourite poll

TJPL News has given it's verdict on "One Way Ticket".

“The deep vocals are reminiscent of the Men Without Hats era of music, making this perfect to become another LGBTQ anthem under the artist’s belt to be played between the…

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RGM review

"One Way Ticket" is hitting all the right notes with critics!

"This is a perfect 80s pop song, and yet the sharp production gives it a distinctly modern edge".

Read RGM's full review of "One Way Ticket" in full.


Hot-on-the-heels of his pulsing electro pop anthem “One Way Ticket”, Robert has revealed there’s plenty more where that came from, with his new EP ‘Severance’ set for release on October 7 across streaming and download outlets.

‘Severance’ sees Robert step…

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The Last Time Premieres on Retro Pop

Robert's new single "The Last Time" has premiered exclusively on Retro Pop.

"The Last Time" was produced by Gareth Shortland (Steps, Will Young), with vocal production by Richey McCourt (Aimée).

Speaking of the track, Robert said: “I’ve always had…

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LGBTQ Music Chart Top 2

“Been & Gone” has climbed a further five places to reach a new peak of #2 on the LGBTQ Music Chart after being named the ‘Song of the Week’ previously. 

You can place your vote for the track by visiting…

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Talk About Pop Music review

"The latest addition to a growing and accomplished collection of songs, worthy of being heard by a wider audience from a very talented young man, who wears his heart on his sleeves and his voice in your head with each…

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That Blogger Music review

 "You will more than likely have the chorus stick in your head for a day or two like I did".

Read That Blogger Music's review of "Been & Gone" in full.

Indie Buddie review

"O’Connor balances elements of lounge disco with shimmering pop to create a lonely dance tune brimming with passion and chiming synths".

Read Indie Buddie's review of "Been & Gone" in full.