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30.3.20 | LGBTQ Music Chart Top 3 

Robert's latest single "Older '20" is a new entry on this week's LGBTQ Music Chart, going straight in at number three!

If you’d like to see the song spend a second week inside the Top 10 you can click here to vote, no registration required, simply click on the song title.

“Older ‘20” is Robert's fourth Top 20 entry on this chart to date following “No Second Chances" (#1), "River" (#2) and "Real Good Fight" (#13).⁣⁣⁣

19.3.20 | Indie Buddie Indie Quick Picks 

"Older '20" is one of Indie Buddie's Indie Quick Picks! Check out what they said about the track: 

"Why We Like It: It’s a heartfelt number embellished with flickering electronics and suspenseful soundscapes. Robert’s warm vocals hold a country tone while the twinkling keys and wispy atmosphere create a soaring gripping quality in the track. The dazzling beats and intense brooding soundscapes provide a pulsing rush of emotion while the catchy melody drifts elegantly upon this bubbling backdrop. It’s a wholesome passionate track backed sublimely by lush intricate electronics". 

Check out Indie Quick Picks in full at their website, and listen to their Spotify playlist.

3.9.19 | Dublin Daoine interview 

Robert was a guest on Dublin Daoine this week, chatting to Larry Skynt about forming his live band, experimenting with EDM producers, and his plans following the release of the "Real Good Fight" Remix EP.

Watch the full interview via YouTube above.

3.9.19 | Essentially Pop interview 

Robert caught up with Emma Mages of UK pop blog Essentially Pop recently to talk about the process behind his "Real Good Fight" remix single, his hopes to make a live record, plus the things he'd change about the music industry.

Read the interview in full.

8.8.19 | LGBTQ Music Chart review 

LGBTQ Music Chart critic Ephram St. Cloud has had his say on the Skynem GT Remix of "Real Good Fight", and it's another positive review!

"I got the chance to take a listen to "Real Good Fight" (Skynem GT Remix), and you really got a great treat waiting for you later this August. It’s catchy and tropical with a touch of Irish charm and very addictive! Looking forward to listen to the whole remix EP in the end of August".

Read the article in full. 

5.8.19 | Pop, Rinse, Repeat review 

The recently announced Skynem GT Remix of "Real Good Fight" has received its first review from music blog Pop, Rinse, Repeat, and it couldn't be better! 

"It takes skill and a mastery of your instrument to not overshadow the original work and Skynem GT has done just that. It's a much easier interpretation to the track all the while building and swelling into a hopeful anthem that just makes you feel good. Music has a way of reaching those parts of you that you didn't know you needed to be touched until it happens and Robert is doing a damn good job at that". 

Read the review in full. 

2.7.19 | Essentially Pop review 

UK music blog Essentially Pop has written a glowing review of "Real Good Fight".

"The song hits hard for those who see themselves stuck in a rut and not feeling truly happy with where they are in life. With its highly relatable yet inspirational lyrics, O’Connor describes perfectly what it feels like to not feel satisfied with the path that you’re on and changing direction to something that makes you happy.".

Read the full review.