18.11.18 | Caesar Live'n'Loud article 

Caesar Live 'N' Loud continues to support Robert's work this year with an article about his new single "River".

Speaking to the music site, Robert said: For many years I’ve thought about recording this song - and last Christmas when I was planning my comeback I decided, if the first two singles were well-received, I’d finally do it".

He added: "When I went into the studio to record it, the most important thing was that it wasn’t going to sound like a karaoke cover where I copied every element of the original. There’s enough versions out there with acrobatic vocals and piano, it was time for an alternative approach!"

Read it in full here.

18.11.18 | MyFizzyPop review 

Music critic Paul Reynolds has given "River" a positive review on his iconic blog MyFizzyPop. 

"He's taken the song back to its architectural blueprints and re-built it in a bold, evocative new way. It is a daring take on the classic song and one that pays off, leaving you with your own thoughts and reminiscing as the music fades away". 

Read the full review.

18.11.18 | LGBTQ music chart 

"River" has been added to the LGBTQ Music Chart! You can vote for the song by clicking here - scroll to the bottom of the page and click the song title.

Robert's previous single "No Second Chances" secured the number one position on the chart earlier this year.

You can also read,uk's write-up on "River" here.

16.11.18 | UK radio play 

"River" is arriving at UK radio with plays over the coming days. KOR Radio show The Perfumed Allotment will play the song tonight at 10pm. Robert's previous single "You Found Me" went to number one on the show's Indie Alliance Chart earlier this year.

On Saturday, the track will feature on Big Boots & Celtic Roots, which you can hear on Lionheart Radio from 7pm.

Both stations can be heard worldwide via the Tune-In app!