11.05.20 | deMars Radio Interview 

Robert appeared on deMars Radio last week chatting to host Kozak deMars about his experiences in the music industry — from executing a successful DIY PR campaign to redistributing his back catalogue independently.

Check out the full chat above via YouTube.

27.03.20 | Antonia K Moore podcast 

Robert recently featured on music business strategist Antonia K Moore's podcast — and you can see the video in full now on YouTube above.

The pair covered many topics relevant to independent artists — PR, distribution, radio play, as well as staying mentally focused and managing your expectations!

18.04.20 | You Found Me '85 SalvaFreak mash-up 

The brilliant mash-up artist SalvaFreak, who has created iconic mash-ups for the likes of The Weekend and Ariana Grande, has made a nostalgic version of Robert's single "You Found Me", fusing it together with the 1985 Simple Minds classic "Don't You (Forget About Me)". 

Listen to the mash-up on YouTube above, and be sure to check out more of SalvaFreak's work on Soundcloud.

18.04.20 | Dublin Daoine interview 

Dublin Daoine has re-launched with a new format fit for isolation and Robert was the first guest on the preview episode!

He caught up with Larry Skynt on the process of re-issuing his back catalogue independently, as well as creating his latest single "Older '20" with Skynem GT.

Watch the interview in full via YouTube above.

18.04.20 | Essentially Pop article 

UK music blog Essentially Pop has featured "Older '20" with some positive feedback!

"Over the past 18 months, Robert has released an impressive amount of singles, making quite a name for himself on the local music scene. In 2019, he assembled a live band to join him on regular gigs around Dublin. Robert has high hopes for what is to come in 2020 stating; “More singles, more gigs, more collaborations, more listeners, and most importantly – more risks!” – which is what we love to hear!"

Read the article in full.

30.3.20 | LGBTQ Music Chart Top 3 

Robert's latest single "Older '20" is a new entry on this week's LGBTQ Music Chart, going straight in at number three!

If you’d like to see the song spend a second week inside the Top 10 you can click here to vote, no registration required, simply click on the song title.

“Older ‘20” is Robert's fourth Top 20 entry on this chart to date following “No Second Chances" (#1), "River" (#2) and "Real Good Fight" (#13).⁣⁣⁣

20.3.20 | Expanded Releases Exclusively on Bandcamp 

It’s the ultimate #FlashbackFriday!
Bandcamp are kindly waiving their revenue share on artist’s sales until 12am tonight, to help independent artists out with financial losses as a result of COVID 19.
Robert has raided his archives, and released expanded versions of his debut album 'Distance', his EP 'Resistance', as well as every single, to include remixes, instrumentals, unplugged versions, demos and even a previously unreleased track.

His full discography can be purchased now with a 25% discount for €24.75, or you can pick and choose which tracks to buy. Simply head over to Robert's Bandcamp store to start shopping!

Speaking about the release, Robert told his mailing list members:

"In all honesty, I did this more for the sense of completion than for financial gain, because when I think about the artists I follow - Pet Shop Boys spring to mind as an act who reign supreme at this - I really appreciate the option to purchase all of these little extras that otherwise would never see the light of day for one reason or another".

19.3.20 | Indie Buddie Indie Quick Picks 

"Older '20" is one of Indie Buddie's Indie Quick Picks! Check out what they said about the track: 

"Why We Like It: It’s a heartfelt number embellished with flickering electronics and suspenseful soundscapes. Robert’s warm vocals hold a country tone while the twinkling keys and wispy atmosphere create a soaring gripping quality in the track. The dazzling beats and intense brooding soundscapes provide a pulsing rush of emotion while the catchy melody drifts elegantly upon this bubbling backdrop. It’s a wholesome passionate track backed sublimely by lush intricate electronics". 

Check out Indie Quick Picks in full at their website, and listen to their Spotify playlist.

9.3.20 | Liffey Sound FM interview  

Robert recently featured on Liffey Sound FM show Ultrasounds. Check out the full interview above via YouTube, where Robert talked to Gary Gibson about his love of electronic music, his feelings about co-writing and his different experiences working with producers around the world.