what the critics say...

Robert has more potential and less ego than most others in this country”

Golden Plec

No Second Chances demonstates a level of lyrical maturity and artistic growth that is often overlooked by artists in favour of fleeting musical trends and fading fads”

My Fizzy Pop

A great pop song with solid instrumentation, a powerful chorus – and, impressively all done by just one man”

Reyt Good Magazine

"No Second Chances has all it takes to become a timeless classic"”

Caesar Live'n'Loud

No Second Chances is a focused and nuanced song that will keep you coming back for more - 9.3/10”

Music Musings & Such

If River doesn't bring a tear to your eye, I'm not sure what will”

Essentially Pop

A top honours songwriter”

— Hotpress

You Found Me is a refreshing piece of pop/rock with an anthemic chorus perfect to sing-along to”

Caesar Live N Loud

O'Connor's emotional impact and world-class songwriting cannot be called into question”


Fans of carefree Alternative/College Rock will love Robert...the gals will love him even more”

— Indie Music Shark

Robert possesses enough musical talent and songwriting prowess to be extremely dangerous”

— Indie Music Digest

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