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Robert O’Connor is set to celebrate the third anniversary of his 2020 EP, ‘Transcendence’, with the release of an 18-track Super Deluxe Edition of the record on November 20.

Capitalising on the success of his most recent EP, ‘Severance’, which was reissued last month as a deluxe edition and scored 150,000 streams on Spotify, Robert says he wants new fans to “dig deeper” into his catalogue before he releases brand new material in 2024.


‘Transcendence’, originally released on November 20, 2020, was the result of a series of collaborations with Peruvian EDM producer Skynem GT, won a competition run by Robert to remix his 2019 single “Real Good Fight”, before the pair hit it off and continued to work together on a string of singles.

Limited by global lockdowns at the time, they worked long-distance revisiting songs from Robert’s back catalogue that the Dublin artist felt had “untapped potential”. From the effervescent EDM of “Over (Before It’s Begun)” to the darker nu-disco of “Destination Anywhere”, the project won over critics, with RGM saying “Too Late” was “almost as if Robert went back in time, found an old George Michael demo, then came back and gave it a modern 2010s remix”.

For this definitive release, Robert has revisited another song from his past, 2012’s “Resistance”, which has been transformed from a rough-around-the-edges indie cut to a punchy power pop anthem, which Robert says was inspired by Max Martin’s production on Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears late ‘90s records. “Resistance” (1999 Remix) will hit streaming services on November 13.

The 18-track set will include a selection of remixes from the era by Matty Graham, Gareth Shortland and Jordan Arteaga, alongside a tremendous 7-minute ‘Transcendence' megamix, plus a brand new remix of “Older” by Mike Toon, which is arguably Robert’s most experimental remix to date.





Summer Is Waiting is a smooth and careful chillout anthem that transports you to an idyllic and serene setting of an Ibiza sunset”

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The irresistible house groove, paired with O'Connor's silky smooth vocals, creates an electrifying energy”

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Robert's maturity and experience as an artist brings something sophisticated, timeless and heartwarming to his music”

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Separate Ways is a dance-pop anthem that goes immediately from speaker to heart, like a hot knife in butter”


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