what the critics say...

Robert has more potential and less ego than most others in this country”

Golden Plec

Real Good Fight is just honest songwriting and the world needs a whole lot more of that”

Pop, Rinse, Repeat

Real Good Fight is catchy, tropical and very addictive!”

LGBTQ Music Chart

We need more songs like Real Good Fight to remind us we should live our lives and not somebody else's”

Music From the Heart

Real Good Fight is a great upbeat tune with captivating lyrics”

Room Full of Music

No Second Chances demonstates a level of lyrical maturity and artistic growth that is often overlooked by artists in favour of fleeting musical trends and fading fads”

My Fizzy Pop

No Second Chances has all it takes to become a timeless classic”

Caesar Live'n'Loud

No Second Chances is a focused and nuanced song that will keep you coming back for more - 9.3/10”

Music Musings & Such

You Found Me is a great pop song with solid instrumentation, a powerful chorus – and, impressively all done by just one man”

Reyt Good Magazine

You Found Me is a refreshing piece of pop/rock with an anthemic chorus perfect to sing-along to”

Caesar Live N Loud

If River doesn't bring a tear to your eye, I'm not sure what will”

Essentially Pop


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