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LGBTQ Music Chart Top 3

Robert's latest single "Older '20" is a new entry on this week's LGBTQ Music Chart, going straight in at number three!

If you’d like to see the song spend a second week inside the Top 10 you can click…

Indie Buddie Indie Quick Picks

"Older '20" is one of Indie Buddie's Indie Quick Picks! Check out what they said about the track: 

"Why We Like It: It’s a heartfelt number embellished with flickering electronics and suspenseful soundscapes. Robert’s warm vocals hold a country tone…

Buzz Music LA interview

Robert gave a short interview with Buzz Music LA earlier this week, speaking about charity, his holiday wish, plus music beyond the mainstream.

Read the interview, plus the site's thoughts on "River" here.

Dublin Daoine interview

Robert was a guest on Dublin Daoine this week, chatting to Larry Skynt about forming his live band, experimenting with EDM producers, and his plans following the release of the "Real Good Fight" Remix EP.

Watch the full interview via…

That Blogger Music interview

Robert spoke to That Blogger Music about the creative process of his latest single "Real Good Fight", his recent remix contest and the resulting Remix EP, plus his most embarrassing gig story!

Read the full interview.

Essentially Pop interview

Robert caught up with Emma Mages of UK pop blog Essentially Pop recently to talk about the process behind his "Real Good Fight" remix single, his hopes to make a live record, plus the things he'd change about the music…

LGBTQ Music Chart review

LGBTQ Music Chart critic Ephram St. Cloud has had his say on the Skynem GT Remix of "Real Good Fight", and it's another positive review!

"I got the chance to take a listen to "Real Good Fight" (Skynem GT Remix)…

Pop, Rinse, Repeat review

The recently announced Skynem GT Remix of "Real Good Fight" has received its first review from music blog Pop, Rinse, Repeat, and it couldn't be better! 

"It takes skill and a mastery of your instrument to not overshadow the original…

Essentially Pop review

UK music blog Essentially Pop has written a glowing review of "Real Good Fight".

"The song hits hard for those who see themselves stuck in a rut and not feeling truly happy with where they are in life. With its…

LGBTQ Music chart, review & playlist has had it's say on "Real Good Fight". Read the article in full on their site

You can now vote for the song on this week's LGBTQ Music Chart by clicking here and clicking on the song title…

Pop, Rinse, Repeat review

"Real Good Fight" has received a glowing review from music blog Pop, Rinse, Repeat.

"You can hear that he does this because there's no where else he'd want to be and nothing better that he'd rather be doing. He's not…

LGBTQ Music Chart Top 3

Robert's new single "River" is this week's biggest climber on the LGBTQ Music Chart, reaching number three!

Thanks to everyone who voted for the song, you can keep the song in the chart for another week by voting here

Essentially Pop review

UK music blog Essentially Pop has given "River" a favourable review!

"His voice is pure and soft, and moving – if this song doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, especially at this time of year when we’re all thinking…

Dublin Daoine interview

Robert featured on docuseries Dublin Daoine this week, talking to Larry Skynt about his new single "River", the life of a self-managed artist, and his plans for 2019.

Watch the full interview on Facebook.

Caesar Live'n'Loud article

Caesar Live 'N' Loud continues to support Robert's work this year with an article about his new single "River".

Speaking to the music site, Robert said: For many years I’ve thought about recording this song - and last Christmas when…

MyFizzyPop review

Music critic Paul Reynolds has given "River" a positive review on his iconic blog MyFizzyPop. 

"He's taken the song back to its architectural blueprints and re-built it in a bold, evocative new way. It is a daring take on the…

LGBTQ Music Chart

"River" has been added to the LGBTQ Music Chart! You can vote for the song by clicking here - scroll to the bottom of the page and click the song title.

Robert's previous single "No Second Chances" secured the number…

The Daily Country interview

Robert sat down with The Daily Country to chat about his songwriting process, the success of his latest single "No Second Chances" on radio around the world, plus the album he can't stop listening to right now!

Read the full…

GCN interview

In a recent interview with Ireland's GCN magazine, Robert talked about his dream duet, and why he's inspired by both Conor McGregor and Madonna.

Read the full interview here.

No Second Chances on Merryn Music Top 20

"No Second Chances" is at number four on Merryn Music's Top 20 UK & Ireland Songs of the Week!

Check out their playlist on Spotify for more great indie music.

Essentially Pop interview

Robert chatted recently with UK blog Essentially Pop about the challenges he's faced in the Irish music industry, plus the "characters of strength" he's looked to since making a return to the music business.

Read the full interview on their…

Caesar Live'n'Loud interview

Check out a brand new interview on Caesar Live 'N" Loud where Robert clears up rumours of an album release, talks about the inspiration behind his new single "No Second Chances", plus much more!

Read the interview in full on…

Essentially Pop review

"No Second Chances" has received another positive review, this time from the brilliant music blog Essentially Pop. Read the article it in full here.

Music Musings & Such review

Sam Liddicott of Music Musings & Such blog has written a feature-length review of Robert's new single "No Second Chances".

It's a great read that discusses country music's resurgence in the UK as well as the wave of artists taking…