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9.3.20 | Liffey Sound FM interview  

Robert recently featured on Liffey Sound FM show Ultrasounds. Check out the full interview above via YouTube, where Robert talked to Gary Gibson about his love of electronic music, his feelings about co-writing and his different experiences working with producers around the world.

18.6.19 | Dublin South FM interview & performance 

Robert and his guitarist Gavin visited Dublin South FM for an interview with Keith McLoughlin about new single "Real Good Fight".

They also gave a live acoustic performance of the single, plus a version of Madonna's "Don't Tell Me", which Robert said sonically inspired his latest work.

Listen back to a podcast of the show on Mixcloud

17.5.19 | The Songwriter Club interview 

Robert will be a guest on The Songwriter Club today from 2pm on Together FM chatting with Klara McDonnell about the production process of his new single "Real Good Fight", his new live band, plus his thoughts on social media's role in the life of an independent artist.

Check out a clip from the show below, and listen to the full interview on the Together FM website.

3.5.19 | New single first radio play 

Robert's brand new single "Real Good Fight" will receive its exclusive first radio play today at 2:45pm across local Dublin radio stations.

Phoenix FM, Near FM, Dublin City FM and Liffey Sound FM will premiere the track, which was co-written and produced by Stuart Gray at Jealoustown Studios.

"Real Good Fight" is released worldwide on May 31.