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20.3.20 | Expanded Releases Exclusively on Bandcamp 

It’s the ultimate #FlashbackFriday!
Bandcamp are kindly waiving their revenue share on artist’s sales until 12am tonight, to help independent artists out with financial losses as a result of COVID 19.
Robert has raided his archives, and released expanded versions of his debut album 'Distance', his EP 'Resistance', as well as every single, to include remixes, instrumentals, unplugged versions, demos and even a previously unreleased track.

His full discography can be purchased now with a 25% discount for €24.75, or you can pick and choose which tracks to buy. Simply head over to Robert's Bandcamp store to start shopping!

Speaking about the release, Robert told his mailing list members:

"In all honesty, I did this more for the sense of completion than for financial gain, because when I think about the artists I follow - Pet Shop Boys spring to mind as an act who reign supreme at this - I really appreciate the option to purchase all of these little extras that otherwise would never see the light of day for one reason or another".

19.3.20 | Indie Buddie Indie Quick Picks 

"Older '20" is one of Indie Buddie's Indie Quick Picks! Check out what they said about the track: 

"Why We Like It: It’s a heartfelt number embellished with flickering electronics and suspenseful soundscapes. Robert’s warm vocals hold a country tone while the twinkling keys and wispy atmosphere create a soaring gripping quality in the track. The dazzling beats and intense brooding soundscapes provide a pulsing rush of emotion while the catchy melody drifts elegantly upon this bubbling backdrop. It’s a wholesome passionate track backed sublimely by lush intricate electronics". 

Check out Indie Quick Picks in full at their website, and listen to their Spotify playlist.

30.07.19 | Real Good Fight - Remix EP  

As revealed last week, Robert will release a "Real Good Fight" Remix EP, featuring the upcoming remix single by contest winner Skynem GT, as well as remixes by Crucethus, Aiyi, Michele Pezone and L.E.G.I.O.N X LFLN.

The collection will be released on August 30 on all streaming outlets. For now, you can hear the Aiyi Remix in full below. The cover art above was shot by Klara McDonnell.