Transcendence Anniversary Mix

One year on from the release of his critically acclaimed EP ‘Transcendence’, which RGM Magazine called “A pop masterpiece”, Robert O’Connor has released a special Anniversary Megamix to celebrate the milestone. 

Clocking-in at almost 8 minutes, Robert says the megamix is “a look in the rear view mirror with fresh eyes”. He adds, “Songs can have multiple lives – a song like ‘Over (Before It’s Begun)’ for instance, started out life as a ballad, before becoming an Ibiza chillout jam and now it’s a much harder EDM track”. 

‘Transcendence’ spawned four singles, each of which have been revisited for this Anniversary Mix, which was produced with frequent collaborator Skynem GT. 

‘Transcendence (Anniversary Mix)’ is released out now, while the original 9-track Deluxe Edition is available to stream and download everywhere.

To celebrate the record’s one year anniversary, a limited edition release of Deluxe CDs are also available to purchase exclusively via Bandcamp.

The artwork for the release includes an outtake from the 'Transcendence' photoshoot taken by Darius as seen below.