Transcendence Super Deluxe Edition

To celebrate the third anniversary of ‘Transcendence’, Robert is set to release a Super Deluxe Edition on November 20.

The 18-track set will include a selection of remixes from the era by Matty Graham, Gareth Shortland and Jordan Arteaga, alongside a tremendous 7-minute ‘Transcendence’ megamix, plus a brand new remix of “Older” by Mike Toon, which is arguabky Robert's most experiemental remix to date.

For this definitive release, he has revisited another song from the past, 2012's “Resistance”, which has been transformed into a punchy power pop anthem, which Robert says was “inspired by Max Martin's production on Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears late '90s records”.

“Resistance” (1999 Remix) is out now on all streaming services.

Both “Resistance” and ‘Transcendence’ (Super Deluxe Edition) come complete with new artwork featuring shots taken by Darius, which you can see below.